FCRC Pi(e) Run 2016 – Your Race Reports!

Earlier this month, FCRC held its first ever Pi(e) Run – 3.14 miles, run on March 14th… with warm apple pie at the finish! Over 50 Crusaders turned up to support our inaugural event, so it seemed only right to ask as many of you as possible to write about your experience. Below is a selection of the fantastic write-ups, photos and videos that we received, thanks to everyone that took the time to send us a review!

But first – we also need to pay HUGE thanks to our official Pi(e) Man – Brian Wright of Wright Choice Catering, who supplied all of the amazing pies!

If you haven’t already, please give Wright Choice Catering a Like on Facebook and a Follow on Twitter. And thanks again Brian for all of the delicious pies!

I loved how brightly we lit up the start area and seeing a stream of headlights head off into the woods was quite surreal. It was a proper rush as I tried not to get left alone so pushed myself to keep up with a couple of runners. Fab marshals, great pie, excellent course. Same again next year? – Nikki Yeo

I can’t really compare the run too much with anything I’ve done before as it was my first headtorch run, and my first event being a club member. It was great to be out there running as part of a club and everyone was in great spirits before and after the run which made it a great experience… And the guy who ran out of the trees behind me after going to the loo forced a sprint finish!!! – Alex Jennings-Temple

I have never done a head torch run before, so I thought it would be great to give it a try especially as there was pie being offered at the end! For me the most amazing part was when I turned around and all I could see was a mass of head torches heading my way. I was encouraged all the way along and it was great that everyone waited at the end. I feel proud to be part of such an amazing club X – Rachel Morgan

As I can’t get to weekly training very often the Pi(e) race allowed me to join my second family and have some fun. It was great running with good friends, exploring a new route, having fun in the dark, battling particularly hard to beat a young lad (Janine Lane.. Your lad is an awesome runner!!) and being ridiculously pleased when I got passed him and the cherry on the top was the delicious apple pie which I think I inhaled! Loved loved loved the camaraderie and friendly encouragement and Crusader spirit. Roll on the next event! X – Lynsey Adamson

Amazing to see the tiny little lights bobbing along towards us out of the dark, distant sound of rustling under foot, the light from the head torches getting bigger and brighter as the runners got near us, along with the chitter chatter of excited happy runners, enjoying their run in the wood, in the dark. – Karen & Emily, marshals at the bridge

It was a real novelty to run hard in darkness with a head torch. Definitely new territory for me. Great atmosphere and a sense of venturing into the unknown. Really good choice for the location as the route was easy and flat terrain. And even better we had warm apple pie at the finish. Thanks to the volunteers who marshalled and the great timekeeper! – Paul Turner

I loved the event as it was the 1st time I have ever ran the day after an event having completed a marathon the previous day. The 3.14 miles was a perfect recovery run with the darkness providing cover for the facial expression elicited by my body thinking ‘why are we running AGAIN?’ I was helped along my way by the unexpected ward of Owen Williams who decided his sister wasn’t running quickly enough. Having not ran with a young future Crusader before, it was heartening to see a young person’s love of running and he distracted me with his interval training style running. Despite the knowledge there was a warm apple pie at the end I tried to keep up but ultimately failed at the finish line. – Sarah Beattie

We also had some great feedback from the next generation of Crusaders!…

I’ve never done a race in the dark before and it was cool to have a head torch on. It gave me an incentive because there was Pi(e) at the end. I don’t get the chance to do parkrun because I play football so it was a good opportunity – Isaac, age 10

I liked Pi(e) run because it was the first run I’d ever done in the dark and it meant I got to stay up late on a school night. When we were running we made up games which was fun. It was nice to have a pi(e) at the end because I was cold – Isobel, age 8

I liked running in the woods while it was dark because it was spooky and fun. It was the first time I had run that far. Giving runners high 5’s was fun too. I also enjoyed the pie at the end. – Kelly, age 7

I liked running in the woods because I kept hearing lots of different noises. I liked that I could run off ahead and the pie at the end was good! – Owen, age 8

Crusader Trevor was kind enough to film the event on his GoPro – check out his amazing video below, thank you so much for sharing this with us Trevor!

And finally, you can check out our official results and finishing times here.Thanks to everyone that came along and made Pi(e) Run such a success – we’re looking forward to next year’s event already! If you ran and haven’t left us a review yet, please feel free to leave us a comment below, we’d love to hear about your experience!

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