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Recently, our very own Kerry Brown was lucky enough to be picked by national magazine Women’s Running – not only for an article, but to appear on the front cover no less! We caught up with Kerry to find out how it all came about, and what the experience itself was like. Well done Kerry! #Unstoppable

In September last year, I replied to a random Facebook message about being one of the real women in Women’s Running. I responded with a few lines about the races I took part in, and that it would be a dream come true to be featured in my 40th year. Then I totally forgot all about it.

A few months went by… but then in January and I received a message from Liz, Women’s Running editor. She said that she had read my post with interest and would I be interested in being featured! I actually asked her if it was some kind of joke, she laughed and asked if she could call me, which she did.

During the call, I asked what I should wear and she responded ‘You don’t need to worry about that – our front and back cover is being sponsored by Nike’. Sorry, what?! Front cover!? Being on the front cover came as a total shock to me. When Liz asked me to ‘feature’, I assumed it to be a quarter of a page story. I was really nervous about this and said to Liz “I’m not sure why you are using me, I mean, I’ve not won any races! I’m just a ‘normal’ everyday runner”. Apparently, this is why I was picked. Liz said that Women’s Running were looking for a lady who had taken up running late, so that non-runners could be inspired to start.

I told a couple of people from the club, one of them being James – who was really pleased that the FCRC vest would be featured in a national magazine! I also mentioned it to Mike Gilmour who has been a massive support to me, as well as our men’s Captain, Neil Smith. Neil has really inspired me recently to be a better runner with technique tips, and teaching me to think with a different mindset to improve my confidence. Both were really excited – I was just so so nervous!

So – the day of the shoot. Reality struck when Eddie Macdonald (photographer of sports celebs) showed up at my tiny flat, along with Women’s Running’s assistant editor, a make-up artist and a photography assistant ! Wow, this is real. The weather was hurricane-like, we went to Portchester Castle and the rain was lashing down in all directions – absolutely no let up. The sea water was actually splashing up onto the pavement.

“Keep your eyes open Kerry!
“Lift your chin!”
“Use your arms when you run”
“Slow down!”

There was so much to remember… We started with a 20 minute shoot and then it was back in the car for more hair and make up. This literally took all day – to get the perfect shot! It was such a fabulous day despite the weather, and like Liz said – “we really put your love of running to the test!”

The assistant editor put a picture of the shoot on Instagram and a couple of the girls from club commented but didn’t realise it was me. I decided to keep it as a little surprise from the Crusaders and was slightly apprehensive as I had been injured a couple of months before. James Musselwhite and Liz (editor) were incredibly supportive about this and summed it up with “You’re a runner – runners get injured”.

I needn’t had worried – the response I’ve received from the club (and complete strangers) has been incredible which I’m extremely grateful for. Like I said in my article, there are so many inspiring women I look up to in the club. I still have to pinch myself that it happened – I’m over the moon and it really is a dream come true in my 40th year!

If you didn’t manage to pick up a copy of the magazine, you can read Kerry’s article over on the Women’s Running website.

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  1. Great article! I joined Crusaders at 42…since then I’ve achieved my 10k PB & run my first half marathon! 40 is just a number!

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