Stubbington 10k 2016 – Carrina’s Race Report

The Stubbington 10k race was amazing in which I achieved my personal best. I’d entered the race previously (as a non-running club member) in 2015, and the support that I received then was nowhere near as encouraging as this year. Over 100 Fareham Crusaders entered and they were all so supportive.

On the Thursday before whilst out running with the group, I did fall over and my ankle took the impact. With this in mind I was even more nervous about Sunday. Before the race I was extremely anxious because I was worried that my ankle would cause me problems. The weather was quite miserable and cold. It was approximately 4 degrees which just added to me being tense, as it can take a while for me to get my breathing in control.

However I was buzzing with excitement too. After 2 miles, my ankle wasn’t great, not sure if this psychological or not, but I did come across another Crusader who was a lovely man (never did get his name) who had never done a 10k race before. Although, I remember him saying that he had completed a few marathons before. I know if we had the energy to talk we weren’t running hard enough. However it was taking my mind of being nervous about my ankle.

One of the most memorable parts of the race was at around 4 miles. Lorraine Rowe, shouted “Hey Carrina, you are running!” this was so lovely and gave me a warm friendly feeling. Another Crusader member giving me the much needed support and encouragement at this point too.

After 6 miles, Geraldine was also really encouraging and gave me that extra final push that I needed, shouting from the side line. To hear your name when you are racing and see a friendly face gave me the confidence to keep going and persevere.

I had only been a member for around 8 weeks before the Stubbington 10k, but after seeing the support and the enthusiasm from other members, I am so looking forward to my next race!

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