Pi(e) Run

We are pleased to announce that our 1st Pi(e) run is go for launch.

We believe this may be the only race of this distance so it’s your opportunity to set a new world record! This race is open to members of FCRC and their invited guests only. The race information is as follows:

Date: Monday 14th March 2016

Start time: 7:00pm

Distance: 3.14 miles

Terrain: Trail

Cost: £3.14 (plus 50p processing fee) payable online, or £5.00 on the day

Entry Requirements: This will be a HEADTORCH RUN. It will be dark. You will need a HEADTORCH

Parking: In the Car Park shown below, or in Wickham Town Centre

Start Location: Car Park off Station Close in Wickham, PO17 5JY (shown below)


Do I need a headtorch? Yes. The sunset’s at around 6:30pm at that time of year.

But I don’t have one! Buy one.

But I don’t know which one to buy, or where from? Next week we will be posting links to online retailers with prices starting from less than £10.00.

Will there be race numbers? No.

Will it be timed? If you have a watch or use a smartphone app, yes. However, we won’t be providing a timing service.

Is the race open to members from other clubs? This is still a trial event and for now we think it’s prudent to make it FCRC only.

I’m worried as I’m carrying an injury and I may not be able to race on the day. Is my entry transferrable? No. Consider the £3.14 (plus 50p processing charge) fee a charitable donation.

Why is there a 50p processing fee? The company that provide our online shop take a percentage of each transaction. 50p is a nice round number that more than covers that, and ultimately helps us raise a little more for charity.

Where does all the entry money go? The net profit from the race will be divided 50% towards club funds and 50% to a local charity.

Awesome! Which Charity? I know a great local charity we can help! Excellent! We will be selecting a charity nearer the time. If you have a charity in mind then we’ll ask you to nominate and we will literally draw one out of a hat to be as fair as possible.

Do I need X-Country shoes? X-Country shoes will be fine.

Will I need trail shoes? Do you own trail shoes? If you do, it’s a trail run, so they would be ideal.

But what if it’s muddy, would X-Country shoes be better? It’s entirely subjective.

I don’t have X-Country or trail shoes, only road running shoes, will I be allowed to run? Yeah, of course. You’ll be fine to run in any running shoe that fits your foot.

3.14 miles, what’s that in km’s? It’s 5.05 km (approx).

What if I’m too slow? You won’t be. There will be a sweeper runner and the course will be marshalled.

I like to drink at least 2 gallons of water before any race, will there be toilets? Yes, the local Fire Station, around 500m from the race start have offered their facilities, so please use them rather than doing a wee in a bush.

Will there be hills? Yes… Sort of. Not really. One at 0.7 miles and 2.4 miles. It goes up about 75cm and then immediately down again. It’s a just a little bump over a small stream… but we will be making a big deal of it. The entire course is flatter than a week old glass of cheap Prosecco.

Do I get a medal? No… you get a pie when you finish.

Is the pie suitable for vegetarians? Yeah, it’s a spiced apple pie.

Oh spiced I don’t like things that are too hot! Spiced as in it has cinnamon in it. A bit like a mulled apple pie.

Will it be served hot? We have no idea. Probably not, but they are really tasty and provided by the wonderful people at Wright Choice Catering.

Is it gluten free? I’ve no idea, we can check.

Is it suitable for vegans? Probably not. Once again we’ll check.

I’m watching my weight and trying to take care of what I eat. Is there any other option for me, like a medal or a fruit salad? No, there will be no medals and technically your spiced apple pie is a fruit salad in a handy and disposable pastry container, so just eat that. Or give it to someone you know who will like it.

I don’t get it… Why a Monday? Typically races don’t happen on a Monday, so we thought we’d be different. The Entry fee, the distance and the date are 3.14 which is equivalent to Pi. The answer is, why not?

Will we be going to the pub afterwards? Probably!

Keep an eye on this website; our Facebook Group; and our Twitter feed for more details coming soon – including our headtorch recommendations and when online entries open!

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