Captains’ Corner #2 – Debbie Taylor

Welcome back to Captains’ Corner – our regular series of blog updates from Debbie and Neil. Today we’re delighted to introduce Debbie’s first post since becoming Captain, thanks Debbie and we look forward to hearing from you again soon!


Well, firstly I’d like to say how grateful I am for the opportunity to be Fareham Crusaders Ladies Captain this year, and how surprised and humbled I have been by the kind comments I have received since the announcement.

I have been at the club since July 2007, when I was brave enough to turn up on my own and introduce myself to a bunch of strangers. There were just a few of us in those days, and it was before we started entering the league races. My first race as a Crusader was the Milland Valley trail race short Course, a race no longer in existence.

Over the years I have managed to represent the club at 137 races, (I still have my first race vest, and it’s still going strong). If you want advice about any local races, I have probably run it, and should be able to give an opinion (if you want one, anyway).

The other thing I have seen plenty of over the years are running injuries. I had shin splints early on, and I have had knee problems and Achilles problems several times (including as I write this). Plantar Fasciitis was a fun one to recover from (not!), so something else I can offer comments on!

So, with all of the above in mind, I am hoping you may find me to be a useful point of contact over the remaining time of my captaincy, and I will be hoping to learn from your wisdom too, as one of the great things about this club is that everyone seems willing to share their knowledge and experiences.

Photo by David Brawn, Portsmouth News

Since being appointed, there have been 3 league races run, and 1 cross country, as well as the many others which our members seem to find all over the country, of varied and inspiring distances. The Great South Run was the usual amazing event that it always is for runners and spectators alike, which typifies the spirit of our wonderful club and its’ members.

Looking forward now to the Gosport Half Marathon, where we have many runners entered, whether I run it or am forced to spectate by my lingering achilles problem, it WILL be a great day out.

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